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VIVA La Burns talks #SweaterSeasonEP, his outlook on dating and relationships at Student Union Radio

VIVA La Burns talks #SweaterSeasonEP, his outlook on dating and relationships at Student Union Radio

I was shaking welcome back to studio and your radio show it is I Peter perfect You got some Mon here we got Drive you got driving here and We got our guy Pulling out from uptown Viva la burns was good

Yeah, look at a round of yours That's a very welcome in Talk about that Thank you, thank you this is very creative Do a USB project alright with the USB like, you know CDs and Vinyl works for like DJ's like him or like Collectors like you know hipsters or people that just want to you know that bag That's their hobby But I feel like physical connection is not dead and music Yeah, like I'd know streaming is popular I know I know or social media is popular But the physical connection is not dead like we we we can exist in the same room so what if I met someone and like you I want to hear your music and I was like Oh my phone died, or you know, I don't know if somebody paid their phone bill Alright don't know It's just like oh, it's right here slide it in on your computer Ready to go now way pulled out weight without the USB I said, oh I like that energy shouts to you

Yeah, we need to talk about the sweater season First of all, yeah Old-school turtleneck type of guy Okay, okay And it's been days while system checks out when it got a little chilly outside so I Understand vision Yeah Like I a new especially in New York or I'll say like around the 30th parallel Whatnot is different The seasons is are different way if I lived in Miami or Cali it's sort of warm all year round so our Interactions with people that are more interested in doesn't change based on the season but in New York is like spring summer time That's when you get your roster filled you got Happy hour run

That's how hard yeah Yeah, this is this is what you know LeBron's really this is when you put in your free agent Now when the weather gets cold like you're not moving around that much you're not moving through there are many events Got you Got a big puffy North Face, you know three socks So you got a long johns Yeah So you got a really like the people that you hit up during the summer Are you communicating best? Are you hitting up during the winter? You're not trying to go out here 20 degrees hit the club hit the bar

Nah Absolutely So so it's always an interesting cycle, especially when people are single It's It's it's it's just yeah, it's sick wiggler I can't pronounce anything Sorry Yeah It's a never-ending cycle in a census, you know, everybody's promiscuous once it's Easter hits

Well, you know, what's that Good Friday hits? Let's see if they can make it to Thanksgiving Yeah All right, then then, you know someone you got your summer boo When when it starts to get a little bit colder things get a little more serious Are you gonna make Valentines? That's true? Are you gonna make Valentine make Christmas? a boo like you're gonna get a gift to just hey Happy Thanksgiving Tex Yeah, it's just a text is it just flowers? Is it a gift gift like yeah Introduces our friends and right am I gonna see you in a ball drop or am I gonna bullshit on the ground? Yeah, that's a big deal that was that that's a big gift that was that I'm sorry, that's a big big flowers to me Yeah, it depends on depends on your game

Yeah, I agree I feel like as an adult I saw some flowers You know that That's a big I don't think so how many all right How many women you know today how many female friends you had today that have gone flowers this week? Don't ask me because I did Go it's a big Wait wait, no Ok, I'm Sorry with djt right here Cuz if you get someone a bouquet the more flowers the bigger their relation Arrangements then is that a big gift too? No, no No, so it's edible Right so is edible arrangements then flowers

Now the audible range juices with like a small thing of flat like two or three flowers Yeah So don't give me no edible arrangements All right, you got a separate little rage with You got little you got a love note about to get a Talk about this first track, we all know where you're going with this on featuring again Oh Crazy no, we met via Twitter And that's why the Internet is always a great thing because he literally tweeted Oh, I need something like a vocalist So sing gonna check I was like shut up

I said oh And then we happen to bump in the brunch, yes, oh that brush yeah Just like yo, let's go in the studio and let's do right Well, the the the the EP is called sweater season and and the first track is called You know, my number one is cold sister Simone So yeah, you know my number when it's cold It's like as you keep dating you wanna you want to position yourself in the game like you're building a resume I don't care when you're single building a resume to go on the market So you need to know this in terms of communicating eight Am I? Number three on your roster cuz you're number one on my roster So I interact and I be the same uh-huh Now if we're both number three on each other's rocks that we're gonna move smooth like I'll see you when I see you I'll see you when I see you when one person has a higher energy Of value over the other person and Yala not y'all are not really a item Yeah, that's when things bad things happen because y'all are not communicating Accurately, whereas like yo, this is my LeBron and they're looking at you like you must mush Parker Is not all-star yeah So if that energy I wanted to get into first why you just much more guy I've heard that nigga name in season Yo Kobe got that guy Yeah, I Got it quick Oh You know, my number one is cold

I felt like everybody here Yeah Oh Yeah, that's the ball song featuring But what made you even do the EP like what what what inspired you to do EP entitled sweater seasons so naturally I wear a lot of sweaters like that's nothing like my mom instilled in me early Like I got some great designer sweaters and I continued it and also to be honest I don't like ironing so during the winter, it's just like I just throw a sweater on my t-shirt could be wrinkled like 30 degrees You've not seen what's under the sweater like I don't Love the fall hoodies and sweaters No, you get your lay on exactly So like after college I was deciding like what should my second EP cuz I got into music in college I'm not like one of those people that I've been rapping and singing Since they were used like it's something that I that I stumbled upon because when I went to school like I met a lot of DJ's and artists and it was just so inspiring and I always Wrongs, I always wrote stories, but I never did anything all my written work and I was like You know what I can do this because I was trying to tell my friends about marketing like yo I think you should do this do this and then after a while is just like yo I want to try this myself, right? Let me keep my ID and then I tried it the first time horrible, I had no idea about like so I didn't know the difference between a DJ and a producer like I grabbed one of my Friends who was a DJ and I was like, can I sing him a song and I was like yo You're gonna make the beat for this

He's like, I don't And I was like nah now you DJ so you have to party You play mad beats like what something on this and then he's just like it doesn't work like And so then I was like, okay, I gotta learn about this I didn't know how to count bard catch bars My wife my writing my first project was really repetitive in the inner verses and then so it was just like I did the first Project was a good project It was that one was a dancehall fusion project This is way before Drake was doing controller and all that so when I was doing a bash Midori Yard-man team Did that project and I was like Okay I need to I know what I needed to work on after for a year and a half performing doing songs doing music videos I'm, like okay I sat back I needed to mature as an artist and as a man, so then now I'm like, okay, what's my second project? I had another dancehall ish love But I don't feel like their songs really like would make an impact Okay, so then I wrote another EP which is Amazing, but vocally I was like, I'm not ready to record it I recorded it and I was like the bars are not hitting as well The singing is not good enough for what I wrote and when I write songs I hear a seed in my head I see I see the arenas and all So then I'm like when I'm listening to the record and I'm like now my voice is not mature enough So then I don't know what happened Like I got you know my number when it's cold I got the beat and then I was just like, okay I came up with the idea like Ulysses fire Then there was another song called the matrix and it was like a nice smooth song and once I got those two songs I'm like, I'm gonna do this, okay And I just found this so I was trying I was hitting up photographers on um on Instagram like I follow like a lot of beautiful women so I'm like, okay, let me look at their photographers So I'm DMing like this

I'm I'm not a model or anything I'm just a pretty guy yeah, that's why I Am dye emailed all these photographers Nobody hit me back up and I'm not a person like hit you up and not gonna pay you Like whatever they said the price is I'm like, okay, I'm gonna pay you whatever books and then nobody hit me up I'm like cuz I guess I don't have the photos Whatever one person hit me up Carlos Nobel jr From from New Jersey Hit me up and I told him like this is what I'm trying to do I'm trying to take a pictures photo shoot with sweaters looking mad elegant Not a model

I don't know how to pose I don't like yeah, and he's like yo just come through we're gonna get this done and we go So altogether how long it took you to UM do this epsp season actually two years, yeah Yeah, cuz the I came up I I came up with the idea in 2016 Okay, and it was gonna be a four track EP and I was like, okay I'll do this EP while I work on the my next album and then trying to record sometimes I get scared So I moved my recording studio from my school to my house and I recently moved at the time So I like a whole basement office setup So then now now it's not like me and my boys chilling in the studio having fun It's just me by myself Right, and I had to make that adjustment of like, okay I'm gonna get up early today before work and record this song that I wrote I'm like, yeah, you know what's on Netflix like Oh this food upstairs, I'm like, oh, okay then I was actually scared of of challenging myself of reaching another level because I was like I've been doing like Caribbean Asst usek for so long It's just like, okay this is I'm happy to see peas wrapping and like I never rapped in public before and I was like No, I could do this So I have to build the conference I've delayed myself, but when I fight myself, I'm like nah, I could do this right and then after when I was ready I'm like now I'm doing this I had two more beats and I was just like I had a song called Belt Parkway and I was like nah I'm gonna finish the song I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna put some fire bars in this and Then brandy song which might be on people's favorite song on the night is definitely my shit I want you guys That's my favorite where thank you

What'd you call it that one? I wrote the hook a long time ago, but I was like, oh man, I have to rap for 32 bars straight There's no no bullshit I can do I can't like, you know, if it's eight bars then hook I could be like that I got our back to the hook That's too strong And I was like nah I got to write 32 bars and I tweeted the producer cuz they're rigid his original was he dedicated to his girlfriend? And I'm an artist like I cannot fucked up a producers be I have to be just as good or better because that person took out the time To make that beat to release that beat and it's their name is on it I like from my background is like if your name is something it better mean something uh-huh So so I was like, okay he dedicated to this girlfriend I have to dedicate it to a woman and tell her why I love her without being cheesy And I was like I gotta bring it Because I'll be listening to John Legend song I'm like yo, I sit back I'm like this guy writes like Like a woman in the sense of this is all the words a woman wanted say I want it go Women when they hear is like yes, love it edge to it, nigga Nigga just got put on to edge control Knob Brandi's Marsha Yes

So when I wrote that I was like that song got to sound like a hug and I think that's why people love it I intentionally I was like this got a sound as warm as a hug Yeah, so it's just I came in my friend Keisha She came in saying saying that saying hasta Keyshia Yo shout-out to her She came in saying the hook Delivered it and I was like no, we're just gonna repeat it a couple times make a couple of changes So psychologically even though it's the same lyrics of feeding the brink like and now I studied like psychology with music So I'm like people's brain will pick up on those small subtle differences So when you're just chilling back those small subtle differences make it a big difference to you not skipping Yeah, that's true Well, we gotta get at yeah

Well what songs you have lined up for? Oh Yeah, we definitely played I should definitely definitely Alright this is brandy songs featuring peach adore Oh man on sweater season EP I am Viva love burns We having a good time Laughs drop that you might check 1 2 1 2 viva la burn all three with trash fire fire fire Island island island about Mary Kim Yo, he gave some soul food Sure

Like it Really yeah There's quality trash let's talk about the first one was That was my shirt, that's my heart Thank you guys about to cry When I'm on the highway go home tonight and play – like That and the second one was We was talking affair, yeah, but please tell the people what we was talking about about 33 All right, so I'm 29 now so I have the pressure of you know, my Exiting my 20s and entering my 30s Me too So and as a guide there's a lot of things like we go through but we don't talk about either even to each other in projects like Like why did 33 the way I did? It was first their social pressure where it's just like you reach a certain age And it's like you got to do this It's like okay at this certain age you you you're expected to maybe be married you expect it to maybe be the breadwinner of the house and it's just like the Transition of you know mid 20s or like you're done with college and you just you're actually just starting when you're done other side, really? Just just how we was kind of taught as kids Are you think like when I'm 18, I'm gonna do this and when I'm by the time I'm 25 I should have two kids in the house

Yeah, great job wait, but it doesn't happen like that Yeah, never having to say about that to mom like to go off topic a little bit I found like a paper I wrote in the sixth grade and I was writing to my 26 year old self and I said Oh, I was writing on my friend's hand He was still friends now So hey Tandy, I'm 26 My husband is doing well And I my daughter is one I said I have no husband

No child They're just funny How you think about certain things when you're younger where you see yourself when you get older? Yeah, I'm not even close but it's okay Yeah, I guess so growing and learning You know what I mean? yeah, because I kind of understand like 4:33 I kinda understood it because you when you get to a certain age You start questioning yourself like yeah, what did I do wrong? What could I've done better when I'm not wearing it to be Yeah when you're approaching 30, yes, that's the question and then yeah so when I when I turned like for me when I turned 30 was I when a bunch of them I oh shit like Like everything's closing in on me Yeah, that's not take a look at the mirror

Say yo you got you control this shit No one controls about you Mm-hmm What you do tomorrow is on you That's no pastor That's what I started doing Cody Everything day by day whatever stereotypes they tell you that you have to be as happy to have to do because you don't have to you do how you Want to do it someone pass someone passed collection plate? Yeah, you know and it's really tough because we're Starting from a early age with school

We're all supposed to be on the same time We're in life as human beings We all don't develop at the same time Yes But so we go through what Kenda I guess let's say first grade first grade – Maybe it's college when you first start seeing like separation Because high school is basically a schedule sorter made up for you You might have a gym class here and there but you have no real decision, New York New York state decides your education already Okay, you just got to fulfill what they decide if I am in yet So now college is when you actually have a choice because you you're putting up literal money so now that also affects how you interact dating-wise in with other people in relationships because you have these expectations where What's the timeline arguing about $200 dates was this was that yeah, like going from life Do these these? Um Timelines as Goldie said like you got to do this at this age That's awesome Really fucking up everybody I agree because expectations that was put down upon us and we'd never agreed I never agreed upon my elementary school education of agree to the shirt It's just like oh I'm like, yo, can you teach me about taxes? That would help me out Investing your money into property and stuff

I wish I would've learned that when I was 18 Yeah Like you said, everybody's putting schedule on everything's supposed to do this at this time Yeah, I Heard this is a lever year-old that just graduated college Yeah at 11 years old who ever thought that that could happen it can happen is a levy rolled out there I can graduate college Yeah happy so you put your modular Mm-hmm

Absolutely So I definitely wanted to talk about that issue and then um me personally, I always feel like you know Anyone under 18 is like puppy love that's whatever whatever you're doing is puppy love like Bow Wow said now This is what I think I think from 18 to 22 23 ish Everybody should be free I feel we put grown adult arm dating expectations on 18 to 22 year old when Financially you're not set You are you're working at the mall most people because you're asked if if you go to college you're at school You're making you're working either for the school or doing a part-time job Even if you have the skills, you don't have the time to get a full-time job less you drop out of school That's so talking about like, oh dates this that you're learning how to manage yourself and money at that age – exactly I feel personally unless you're from like a wealthy family Where they were they could feed you where they could send you like basically in allowance of big allowance It's like y'all are broke So, yeah, so until like all girls pay for guys guys pay for this There's just like y'all got to work it out because y'all have little money right then when I'm in neutral dates when? You've got a good decent job and it's like okay, you know if I go on this date and it doesn't work out Yes Whatever once you have that type of like yo, $60 is nothing to me once you have that mentality you could date appropriately, so but people like on the timeline or in real life thinking than 19 or 20 like oh I got it like this is like nah go to your interview All right important your internship dual credits, but I collapse Like saying like fuck is a hundred dollars, I would be good I could do that now I'm gonna do that at you know Dollars made you cry

I heard right that hurt and I was getting when he still hurt Yeah so then now like my 33 was iron as gold he said like oh when you're this age It's just like oh you're gonna you're supposed to do this as Simone So when you're 18, this is supposed to happen 33 was just a number I made up is like I guess we'll talk about the future of our relationship when were that age? Yeah, and I wanted to talk about an issue not an issue a dynamic where now that you know especially black women or you know Are not being restricted financially as much a lot of there's a lot of black women that are small business owners We got one right next to us Besides you and in in and also working as well and it's just like women like to travel And then I personally think and women like to travel because of social freedom where's like Domestically, whatever you from whether you're white, you're black Whatever your hometown is, there's people there's people police in your box That's what it is Oh, yeah, your father's police in your box

Your brothers are police in your box Your boyfriend's are the people with the people on the block in front of the building is policing your block when women travel abroad It's like all those people disappear Uh-huh So there's no like, oh, you got to come home at this time Don't wear this dress So women love to travel for this I personally think for that mental freedom Yeah, like I'm not saying they don't like, you know to see different things But that in an instant all those people that are nagging in my ear are gone Whereas like as a guy don't kept you from Harlem you from Brooklyn you from, Kansas It's like the block is yours If you know how to hustle wall or whatever is just like the block is yours You could set the rules of play by the rules, but you're more likely to play the local game I don't know if that's in our DNA wiring

I don't know but it's just like when Like women are usually restricted no matter if they're rich poor middle class There's gonna be someone telling them what to do Yeah, like okay This is birth control this abortion this day I don't I don't care what what she associate your socio-economic level is So now I wanted to talk about like you're in a relationship with a woman and she's always traveling She's always wanting to go and you're just like I go to work, you know I play video games here and there chill with the boys I have a hobby here and there where she's a nomad and you're not So it's like we can never cuddle up at night cuz you're always on an outbound flight It's like that's real and and I actually wrote this song like this was one of the few songs that it like personally inspired like in my life because When I first started dating my girlfriend She moved to Paris to six months It's cool I'm a person my mindset is I'm never limiting somebody I never want somebody to be like I didn't do something

I didn't become something Right, that's true It's like we're two independent people that decide to spend time together, right? so it's not like if you if you got whether it's a job or just Mentally you just want to go I wanted this and it's in your power that's up to you, but we will be faithful decide right but I'm not gonna be like Don't do what you want to do your goals because of me or because I wouldn't want someone to do that to me, right? That's true So it's just like those are the questions that I wanted to like axe in my relationship But I but it's so uncomfortable to bring it up So it's just like things out I'm gonna say out loud and it's like I guess maybe baby one with 33 And wait, and what was the third trustee Bell Parkway? Yes, Oh Bell Oh, well, let's talk about that one so Bell Parkway, so I had like when I got the so I had the beet had the beets so long ago like and it just sat there and I like I was supposed to do like a Mixtape project with my friends and that did him in college I was like yo with DJing all these parties you're going to different campuses and it's like I'm the only artist but I'm like yo If dj khaled could do this we can do this I can I can literally write and write and we know other artists too So if we need features or whatever Like we could write the stuff We got produced half of the DJ's or producers will just find an engineer We DJ the parties on different campuses We know a lot of Greeks we can do this, but that never materialized because I there's like we're DJs I'm like Nana like how people are doing now Yeah, like I'm a winner like my friends are on it now, but then I don't think you I guess you yeah It's okay because 2012 is about the two doughboys era

So just like everything was you to SoundCloud there's just like but I was I was looking at it like no, we got the cellphone all those rules changed I don't want her Democrat Republican nothing Yeah Break the rules if you want to do it do it So that didn't materialize but I had that beat just sitting and I wrote like some type of hook and when I heard it I was like yo this Feels like I'm driving this that I'm in the highway I'm texting some shorty like yo was good So then I was like yo I'm writing this I'm writing these bars and I'm gonna and I'm gonna wrap them and then like so I had it in the thing like I'm driving in the Belt Parkway and and me and Shorty you're playing like the Text baiting game like yo She's sending some some frisky message But it's just like can you back up that action? Cuz I would really draw I would really use my gas I'll pull Oh So and then classic, I always have to get a curved on one on one song on my project It's just real life So just like at the end is just like she's just like you know what I changed my mind

I'm tired I got work in the morning and I'm just driving in the car man happy that's really People get curved every day be every day Yo goes character it does all right yo yo, yo you miss 100 senators shots you don't take Force is the end of the show It's wow Yeah Let me get another round here, oh my god Eva laverne's yeah Please let them know way to find you or your info music let them know definitely on my every Instagram Twitter viva laverne's VI V-a-l-e bu r NS the sweater season that hashtag is sweater season EP definitely shout out to bare canvas sounds to help me put it all together here definitely all y'all a dope your your your we Happy family Also, I forgot to mention the the album with the USB or the mp3 download comes with the sweater season lookbook a fashion lookbook With me Yes Yes, I do okay cool we gonna end this show you some oh and I look and sound like Flo true You know, my number one is cold, you know, but uh, let me know what you doing Yeah, ninety days He loves who asking them to lobby

I know it Um This week is gonna be light Next week We got a party coming up in a new spot and our Park Slope It's gonna be our studio session Sara Hi Chi, um and then we got on August 9th and be opening up with yo shout out See y'all on be opening up for um to Millie So Just get that bag Yes sister Simone This week just work and then Thursday Ali for Toronto for Caribana handle

I'm ready to Speak no flag Yeah, but that's it yeah, just that so make sure yeah, yeah, check out the Davies though karma interlude that our wrote the lyrics for My book release party for the church book It would be and October I'm so trying to figure out a day for that and just follow me Yes, Mon writes Dry, you ready? No, someone only young Goldie y'all gonna everything this week Uh, It's my batch of the week

So this week you're gonna go away Yeah Go get a lit Got a new job honey I Say this every day every morning a positive mindset only and Friday morning I said it and I actually believed it Friday morning and Friday afternoon I got the phone call So, you know, you just got to kind of be positive to Follow us on on Instagram student radio We won't be be here We won't be having a show next week But the week after is what we have a surprise what we're not doing extra

We're not doing next week Sunday No, no We're not gonna be here Today yeah, I just found out now Okay, we coming back Sundays No way How do we get back? Yeah Yeah, that's a fact

I mean we could I'll be right now We're shaking go people of course, this is Peter perfect Oh nine all your social medias your Twitter's Yeah, geez Your girlfriend's DM don't like good stuff What I'm doing this we can I have this week off because I am actually apartment hunting I know it was good luck with that Good luck Cuz I've been look this is pink

This is pink adulting, right? Yeah, I have my credit score notarized I was like, oh shit guy you had to print it and then take it to a notary to let's like I've never had that shit before the bunch people looking at you like Dan, you ain't know that Everyday people of adulting and then of course your bachelor party we won't see a Killa cam Other than that GMAT study in just get my fucking life together Yes, sir Um, but we're gonna end the show with some more songs People the burns featuring Simone What is it, you know mind I'm not woman

It's cold Yeah, you know, mine ever was cold Yeah I've seen that type so good no more ladies in my day I've done it before now We'll do it again We know marine

Whoa It's the you you big baby scream at a sound clown student union radio people a burn stake here another round of yours Yeah goal of two eyes drop that

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