The Only 2 Answers You Need for Every Dating Problem (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

I have a place here I love it here

This is my second home I keep trying to figure out where I wanna live, and I keep coming back here, because I can't quite find anywhere I want to be more There are problems with any place you live in I sat with six wonderful women before this event Just trying to get a read on their take on this place Wherever I go, I always wanna tailor what I do to the place that I'm in I don't wanna just give an off-script piece I wanna figure out what are you going through here in L

A I've had some experience dating in LA, but I wanna get the woman's experience Where are we interacting with these people? I mean, where are you guys finding, if anywhere right now, and I totally accept that it may be nowhere

I've had times in my life in LA where I thought, god I'm not meeting anyone, but where do you Where would you bump into people, or do you in your life? Nowhere? The grocery store? Yeah That you're not interacting with people

Right Get into your box, and you drive wherever you're going You get out of your box, and you go into your your building It really I think that element might just be the hardest

For a long time in LA I didn't meet women, because I didn't have friends, because when I on a Friday, or a Saturday actually wanted to go and do something, and be in a social environment where I might meet people I didn't have anyone to go with Sometimes I think the hard part about being an adult is we feel like we're supposed to have friends already

[Laughter] Right? We feel like we're supposed to have those great people in our lives already, and the idea of like starting again, and going out and building that We almost pity ourselves a little bit We feel a bit sad, like, god, I have to go and

Like Forget like It's one thing saying, I really want someone to share my life with It's another thing being like, I want some friends

Yes [Laughter] That's tough for most people, but actually the The thing that I feel becomes before meeting the love of our life in a place like LA is having that group, because when we have that group, going out, meeting people It All of that actually becomes a lot easier

I recommend having a fortnightly happy hour, where every fourteen days you do an after work drinks just for you and whoever you know Your friends, colleagues, whoever If two people show up, fine

It doesn't matter, but from five to seven "Oh, we're just getting a few people together from five to seven You should come join

" That's it You could do the same with men, by the way You meet someone You think they're cute What's less risky than being like, "Oh, I'm getting together with some friends tomorrow night

Feel free to come along" The happy hour thing gives you things to bring people to People say, I live in LA, so I have all of these problems in terms of people are always looking for the bigger-better deal

They're always looking for the better thing They have so many beautiful people to choose from Usually the answer to everything in life is the same The answer to everything in life is either change your mind-set about it, or be better Those two are usually the answers to everything

"There's so many good looking people around me" Be better! Maybe, stop competing on looks Stop competing on looks, and start competing on something else Make the best of what you have, and then compete on something real Something that actually does hold people, because we all know that looks don't

I think what all of this is amounting to is that there is something to be said about being much more Doubly proactive in LA

about creating community where there is none People don't say this enough about LA Yes, LA is a town full of struggling people, but guess what? It's a town of talented people L

A is a town of people who come from all over the world, because they were the best in their town at something, and said, "I wanna be in a pool of people" "where I'm not the best anymore" "I wanna be in a pool of people where what was good in my little town" "is nothing to these people" What an amazing peer group that is to be around, by the way So I think we have to start by appreciating where we are

Ladies, this is a wonderful time to date no matter what anyone tells you Stop reading the articles that tell you, that it's doomsday in the dating world Alright? This is a wonderful time to date It's a wonderful time to be alive, and this is a wonderful place to live When we start there, now we can actually start making some progress

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