Aug 052018

Mac Miller Dating Again? Ariana Grande’s Ex Talks About Moving On

Mac Miller Dating Again? Ariana Grande’s Ex Talks About Moving On

Ariana Grande may be engaged, but her ex, Mac Miller, won’t be following in her footsteps, as he has a good reason for not wanting to settle down with a new lover anytime soon! How exactly has Mac Miller, 26, been doing since he broke up with Ariana Grande, 25? Apparently, he’s been in a “sunny, optimistic mood,” Rolling Stone revealed in its Aug 3 interview with the rapperBut the sun must not be shining bright enough for him to want to move on to a new lover At least, not anytime in the near future

When the magazine asked if he plans to be “entering into a new romantic relationship anytime soon,” Mac exclaimed, “Hell no! Bro, I’m not about to be in another relationship I’m chillingI can barely take care of my dog”Fair enoughWe’re happy his dog’s the reason Mac prefers the bachelor life for now, and not bitter feelings towards his ex-girlfriend of two years As we’ve told you before, Ariana became engaged to her now-fiance Pete Davidson, 24, on June 11, just a month after the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer confirmed her breakup with Mac on May 10 But Mac made it clear that the news about her engagement made him nothing but happy “I am genuinely happy that that’s how she movedThat’s good for her

Go, go, keep going! As she should I’m just being real,” the rapper added“That’s goodNow I have space for meAnd that’s great too ”We can see why Mac’s relishing in his new-found “space”In his new album Swimming, which just released on Aug 3, lyrics on the track “Dunno” allude to the possibility that he was too busy to dedicate more time towards Ariana “Well I was busy when you hit my phone//But you miss me, tell me come back home, yeah you don’t really like to sleep alone//but I’m takin’ too long, I’m always takin’ too long,” he raps Right now, Mac seems to be focused on what’s ahead: i

e,his upcoming tour with Thundercat, 33, which kicks off Oct 27Mac Miller says he’s “making a conscious effort to ‘just be more focused on my reality,'” the magazine reported

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