Intentional Dating with Purpose (A DATING REVOLUTION)

Dating can be frustrating, disappointing, not to mention time-consuming but how might dating with purpose change everything? Watch and find out My name is Michelle Baxo and for the best advice for women in dating without compromising yourself, be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you're notified of our new videos every week

Okay so let me guess, you want the next person you commit to, to be the last person you commit to, yes? Okay then dating is the action to get you there but you can't just go dating without purpose or you might find yourself giving up or dating a million men without a man at the end of it So I'm gonna share with you three ways to date with purpose so that you can cause yourself a dating revolution First, be unapologetic for what you want In other words what is the purpose of you dating? Is it for a life partner? Great, say that! Saying that doesn't mean you're saying that you want that guy sitting across the table from you to be your life partner I mean, come on you hardly know that guy

You're just saying, you're not dating willy-nilly like maybe you did when you were 16 You have purpose behind your actions and that is powerful You can even bring this further If you want passion, start asking for it Create date ideas that pull for passion like tango dancing or a beach fire

Was that first kiss a little weak? Next time tell him to grab you and kiss you like he means it Do you see what I mean? Being unapologetic about what you want, is you creating your purpose for dating Now take a minute and go down to the comments and tell me what are some of the things that you want? Practice now being unapologetic Make a declaration of what you want, alright? Now the second approach I want to give you for dating with purpose is to date for the purpose of your own expansion Whatever you do don't just make dating about what you want

While the first suggestion I gave you is powerful, it's also insufficient and it will burn you out So look at it this way Imagine you're traveling and meeting all kinds of different people Don't you learn so much about humanity and about yourself when you do that? Bring that to your date's Now you're traveling your own city beyond your limited view of humanity and there is only so much to gain from there

Just imagine the difference if you had your dating be about your own expansion in that way Alright and the third way for you to bring purpose to your dating is to date with pride Shout it from the rooftops! Okay, this is an important conversation It is time for you to remove the constraints that you have around dating and looking for love Are people around you making you feel bad for still being single? Screw them! Are others making you feel like you shouldn't even want a relationship? They're even worse! Do not let others shame you around not having what you want yet

You're allowed to want whatever it is that you want and if you want a chance of fulfilling it, you can't be ashamed of it If you're looking for extraordinary love then I want you doing this loud and proud! And the people in your life best be getting behind you or else you're just gonna have to wash out that noise with how loud and proud you are about what you want and how you're gonna get it So these are three ways that you can bring purpose to your dating life and I'm telling you they have the capacity to revolutionize your love life Now can you tell this is a different kind of conversation about dating and love? This is power love! This is what I'm talking about And for many of you, the next step is to sign up for my free Power Love Workshop so you can get more clear about what you want and how to get it

Secondly, I want you to listen to my interview with Laura Kennedy from her Manifest Epic Love Series You're gonna hear some really important conversations about power love For instance, you'll hear how setting standards can be a sneaky way of not having to risk your heart You'll also hear my personal story (which is a good one) You'll hear about how achieving power love is so much more than having a checklist of traits I could go on and on but this is a conversation you'll want to hear, so both those links will be in the description below

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