How to Answer the Age Question when Dating Younger Women

Hi, my name is Eric Michael, founder of the Power Life System and you're going to be learning specific things to say when you're dating younger women and the question of your age comes up This is the second video in this series and the first one, focused on foundational concepts because when you have your foundation you'll belief systems, your concepts right then you can say many different things

I'm going give you some examples of specific things one can say however you're can customize these or have things come into your mind when you have your belief systems in your foundation right There's a link below the video, I highly recommend watching that first and then continuing with this video The first example is that somewhere along in the conversation she asks "how old are you?" and you respond saying "How old do you think or what would you guess my age is?" and then she's going think maybe she'll say "I don't know if I can guess" I don't know I can't guess you said no go ahead just guess any numbers fine she's like guessing younger than your age you can say I love you you're great and give her a hug if you want and then continue the conversation many times she's not gonna ask again or if she does ask again you can simply say what your age is and she's probably gonna look at you say oh my goodness you look a lot younger go say thank you and continue the conversation normally I mean there's a million different things we can talk about as a second example somewhere along the conversation she asks how old are you one way you can actually answer that is by exaggerating you tell her you're 85 years old but I use a lot of vitamins or skin cream and you got to make a joke out of it you're laughing at yourself and then sometimes she's not going to she'll laugh at that too to continue the conversation and you're kind of downplaying the question in a sense too however she may ask well so how old are you really at that point should answer you say whatever your age is then she may say oh well you look a lot younger you say thank you continue the conversation third example she asks your age if she guesses higher than again watch the video that I have below that's an introduction to my course greater health gains some valuable information so that maximize your look and your appearance so you look the best regardless of whatever your birth date is then she's gonna guess says she guess his younger and you said I love you that's great how you're the best you were high five hug her if you want and then if she asks again you tell her your age and you say whatever your age is and likely it's gonna be older now we're gonna kind of make fun of ourselves this is really good if she had guessed younger and you're actually are in pretty good shape or if you have the personality you congruent with it being playful and I mean I'm making fun of yourself because you are so confident where you can tell her and you can grab her armor you're gonna need to walk me across the street and I have my walking stick and likely she's gonna roll her eyes and no it's kind of ridiculous what you're saying because obviously you're in you're in decent shape and then you continue the conversation I've given you a couple of examples you can customize them I want you to look more at the concepts and also watch the foundational video the best way to solve this question in general of how old are you is to have all areas of your life Rocking financial spiritual enjoyment social everything because ultimately when you have that you're so attractive that this becomes it's called total moot point even if it does come up it's not important at all and you're naturally just going to continue the conversation it's no different than oh so what's your favorite restaurant to help you do that I've created a free life abundance quiz it's free so click below the video you can do it right now and I'm going to give you your free results as well as video guidance to help move you in the direction of where you most want to go so you can have every area of your life Rocking my goal has been to help you in what for many men is a precarious situation and really put you in the right place frame of mind so you can ultimately have the greatest connection with the individual you most desire to have it with and create wonderful experiences for her and for you and together so I thank you ahead of time for giving the video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel so I can share lots more with you and help it possibly impact your life and I think you ahead of time for adding a comment below the video of something that you liked about the about this what I've been sharing as well is something maybe a question you have or what you'd like me to go even deeper with so that I could help you even more I send you lots of great energy look forward to hearing about your success story with this individual you most desire and have a fantastic day

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