Dating & the Female Intuition

hi guys so today I am talking about dating and the female intuition what is intuition? it is a feeling in the absence of fact

I think as women we wonder whether or not this is reliable, we wonder if we're crazy, we wonder if we're jumping to conclusions, but I want you to really look closely at this thing called intuition and at these gut feelings that you're having, because they can tell you so much more than you realize we all know what intuition feels like, it's that little ring in your head, it's that churn in the pit of your stomach, it's that frown that you can't get off your face because something just doesn't feel right I want you to trust that, I want you to listen to that and if you're one of those people that do like to rely on fact, then here is a little formula that I suggest for you to look at to get to the bottom of, why is my intuition going off? what it's doing is assigning meaning to a change in the status quo let me give you an example

not too long ago I was seeing someone we had some loose plans for the weekend and we were keeping in touch and so I called him to kind of go over what the plans were and when I could expect to see him and he didn't answer okay a little bit later he texts me, proceeded to explain that he drank way too much last night and is gonna be out of commission and that he's not able to hang out okay felt a little weird about that I told him hang in there let's talk later and then nothing he never called me back! so I don't know about you guys but to me that was cause for alarm and you know why that was is the there was a change in the status quo

previously on all other occasions if I had called him he called me back – without question – now I called him and he texted me back, which bothered me more than the fact that he was bailing on plans granted people get hung over, our plans were only loose, but still that break in the status quo really shook me and really made me question the relationship you know what? he never called back, to this day! another word of caution do not allow yourself to be mansplained against trusting your intuition I know you've all heard as I have heard how could you possibly have gotten that impression? what did I do to make you think that? where is this coming from? which really if you read between the lines they are not actually addressing whatever you have brought up if you are put in a position where you are defending your gut feeling that is cause for alarm and that's a reason to run

I know my dating life is rather sad but I want to tell you, trust your intuition, it has served me well I think I'm able to cut through the bullshit a lot faster than I used to, so I urge you to just hang in there and trust yourself think about, what caused this change in the status quo? I just want to say thank you for watching, this is the first time I have talked about my dating life on video if you've been following my channel you could you've seen that I talked about travel on my channel but I have not yet talked about dating, so branching into new territory I appreciate the support and guys you know tell me, let me know what you think am I off base? should I not have been upset, would you have felt the same way? would you have thought that was weird? please share with me in a comment, I would love to hear what you think and really appreciate also the love and support I really hope you are able to subscribe to my channel down here and I would appreciate it if you watch my next video up here love you guys wish you the best have a wonderful afternoon adieu

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