Jul 042018

Dating Advice From Dads

Dating Advice From Dads

I know dad, I know Always get the digits

It was a wookie mistake, never gonna do it again No, I promise, I'm serious I've got this I've got, I know you don't think I have this but I do I don't need your dating advice

I am an adult and and I could use some dating advice, actually Yeah, that would be good I don't think I'm even close to be ready for it yet to be honest Sometimes you have to step outside of social media, don't you think? One question ever "How do you kiss a girl?" I said "Gently

" They say 'Father knows best' But when it comes to modern dating, does dad really know anything? We decided to find out So, to celebrate Father's Day, we asked real dads for their best dating advice This is Love, Lindsay Investigates and let's get into it What is your best dating advice that you plan to give your kids if they grow up? Treat the person with kindness and respect not put up with anything that they wouldn't tolerate as such so that way they know that if this turns into a long-term thing this is someone that they can live with and know that not only will they show respect to them but they'll also be respected to turn

This kind of situation that I always tell them that they should be looking at everything from their perspective that always looking from the other person's perspective too and also, that is important and in that process they are learning to make sure that you're understanding the other side I think that is going to help them Just be yourself don't try to be anybody to impress anybody here chase after anyone Just be yourself and the right person will come along and if it's right it's right if it's not, you'll be happy in the end The first thing he comes to me with this 'How to talk to girls?' Ask a lot of questions, then girls will generally talk way more than you need them to

You have to have fun for as long as you can, try to find somebody that makes you laugh because that's what it's all about Just meat a lot of people in the beginning but it's sort of let it happen naturally and I think you'll meet the right person Many of them maybe settle down too soon and oftentimes get in not the best relationship you don't necessarily have to go to college but just get out and expand your network of people Hang out with people who treat you like you treat yourself so that's like 'dating friends,' the whole thing and then you know the other thing is don't take it too seriously in the sense of you're not gonna wind up with who you start out with and so it's all about exploring within reasonable boundaries of yourself and all of that, right? But the main thing is if you give you care about yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself, hang out with the people who treat you the same way whether it's dating, or friendship, or work, or anything


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