8 Things you should know before dating a girl who loves her singleness

8 Things you should know before dating a girl who loves her singleness We know that girls who have a boyfriend are always with someone, or if not, they are definitely looking for a couple

Other girls, however, are quite happy living their singleness Being unique and fabulous, like Samantha Jones of Sex and the City once said: "Girls who are permanently single are a rare kind of woman; They are independent and ferocious " Before dating a girl who has been single for several years, there are some things you have to know about the person she has become in the long-term 1 She is not alone because nobody loves her

She is not the 'unwanted' and has not been overlooked by men either; she simply has not found a man with whom the relationship is serious She is selective, and this means that if you have started dating her, it is because she has chosen you 2 Not needy She knows how to live independently, so she does not call you 24/7 to know where you are, with whom and what you are doing

3 She is strong She has been fired, she has fought with her friends and she has lost loved ones, all without a boyfriend who is her tears handkerchief She has walked through the storm alone and survived, so she will know how to be there when you need her 4

She Wants you to have your own friends She likes to go out with her friends at night or stay alone sometimes, and always encourages you to socialize without her She has a life and wants you to have one too  5 She understands and respects privacy

This is your phone, it's not hers And she respects it So there's no need to see every message she sends, and there's certainly no reason to share the passwords of your social networks either 6 She can be alone

Because she has been alone for some time, not only has she become accustomed to spending time alone, she also enjoys it She understands the importance of space and is going to give you yours when you need it 7 She likes to feel self-sufficient Chances are that she will pay for her things by herself and will be able to change a light bulb on her own

Single girls are independent enough to know how to do things and going out with one of them, no doubt, will not empty your wallet 8 She does not want you to compliment her, she wants someone to inspire her She is looking for a man that motivates her and encourages her to be better; not someone without whom she can not live She does not need you: she loves you

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