From the first day you meet them, they're already talking about take your pants off My people! How is it going? Hope you're well I'm here today to give you some advice On five types of boys/men/guys to avoid When you spot these types of guys, RUN!!! Because once they enter your life, they're coming to mess things up for you 1 A guy that doesn't know what he wants He's not entering your life, nor is he leaving He's stood by the entrance of your life These types of guys say things like What type of FLOW??? What does FLOW mean??? What's the meaning of FLOW??? I am NOT "going with the flow" Someone that wants you and knows that they want you will not tell you to go with the flow

He won't say he doesn't know or he can't decide if he's interested yet There's nothing wrong with getting to know each other properly before making things official There's nothing bad in knowing each other well before referring to each other as your partner But beware of a guy that keeps telling you to follow him in going along with the flow An entire year will go by and you're STILL going along with the flow (LMAOOOOOO) These guys say things along the lines of I really really really LIKE you But his actions don't match his words Please avoid those types of guys These types of guys know how to use words that will make your head swell They will use words to twang you They're very good with dropping a lot of words I just avoid them before they drag me into the pit of life with them

2 Those that live by fraud and theft They have no job They don't study But they have a lot of MONEYYYYY When you get to the club, they buy you like 6 bottles Those are NOT the types of guys to take home to introduce as your spouse to your mother and father Because the day the police comes knocking to get your man for fraud that's not what you're going to want to do with your life

These types of guys I'm taking about When you lose your bank card around them Your head is already vibrating from wondering if you're his next victim That won't allow you to have peace of mind It's better to just avoid them in total 3 Guys with multiple kids with different women Around 7 women have had 9 kids in total with him He stays wearing a Burberry shirt (baby shower attire) You saw him in a Burberry shirt but you thought he was a guest at someone else's baby shower Because he snapped the event as if he was just a guest But it was the baby shower of yet another of his kids That's too much baby mama hassle and trouble he's got attached to him, I don't like drama My life is so relaxed I don't put myself in situations that will cause me problems with people I live a peaceful and gentle life, you should too As for me, I can't handle a guy that has around 9 kids with a bunch of different women It shows me a lack of responsibility on his behalf Especially the guys with lots of kids that claim NONE of them You won't even know he has kids

From the day he asks you out He should let you know "oh by the way, I have so and so amount of children just so you know" A man that doesn't tell you that information doesn't want you to know about them Hiding it from you is a form of lying "Liars tend to steal, and thieves can kill" I don't deal with liars, simple 4 Guys that believe that showing you they have money is all they need to do to graft you Money is important but money is NOT the be-all and end-all Let me even tell you guys a short story! So I had this guy that added me on snapchat

I don't know him but I engaged in conversations he initiated But he'd always tell me how he is an Investment Banker That he does wealth management And that he has a lot of money That his bag is longggggg The bands are high! The money is longggggggg I was thinking: "if you're not going to transfer me ALL of it, why are you telling me all this rubbish????" What is you telling me you have money going to do for ME? It's really none of my business unless the money is coming into my account These types of guys dangle their money in your face so you can chase after them I don't chase people

If you like me and I like you back, I'll make sure I let you know Chasing each other around is a childish game, we are too old for all that In 2018, women are hardworking Women have their own source(s) of income Women run businesses There are so many means available for women to make their own money So there is no way one guy will stand somewhere and be talking about some These types of guys tend to believe that flashing money at you is all they need to do They don't make any efforts They lack personality They don't make you feel highly desired by them They just want you to go running to them because of money That's a red flag for me 5

Guys that are TOO QUICK with sexual advances From the first time you meet them, they're already talking about "off your pints" lmao Please, please, please We've not even been on a date yet You've not wined and dined me But you're talking about when you take me home to YOUR BED WHOSE HOUSE? I am absolutely not following you home I personally avoid those types of guys I do understand that there are women (or anyone) who may be interested So I do not get offended by the suggestion But once I respond that I am NOT interested and he keeps insisting that's when I get annoyed I flick those types of guys away Soooo those are the 5 types of guys I wanted to tell you that I personally tend to avoid Please leave a comment to let me know the types of guys you avoid, let's have a chat in the comment section! Please remember to subscribe to this channel and my English channel 'Tutu Adams TV' Also like the video

Thank you for watching this video! See you again on another! Byeeeeee! Byeeeeeeee!

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