5 Dating Hacks That Make Him Fall For You (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Grab a pen, grab some paper, because I'm about to give you five things that you can do in early stage dating that I think most people are not doing that will make someone fall for you much harder, and by the way, ladies, you are gonna love number five, because it is gonna save you so much time and energy Alright

Let's get started Number One Slow down Most of us, if we're human we get a little nervous on a date We get anxious, or we even just get excited, but all of those things produce a pace in the way we talk When we get nervous, or excited we tend to talk faster

Now sometimes this is a good thing That energy It can be fun

It can be vibrant At other times it means we lose our power, because instead of sometimes sitting back, and allowing moments on a date to breathe We talk all over everything We're so fast that nothing we say gets heard, and we look like we're just anxious So instead, don't be afraid to slow things down

Don't be afraid to take a moment to take a sip of your drink, or even just in a moment look up at him, and then look down again Ya know, that little moment where you have a moment of tension, but you don't say anything When you allow moments to breathe like that you show confidence at the same time as allowing someone to fully take you in Number Two Let someone finish their story When someone else is telling a story many of us take the opportunity to think, "Oh! I have something that connects to this story

" Or, "The thing that you're talking about right now" "I also have a story like that" Or, "I've done something like that

" So mid-way through their story, and we've all done it We say, "Oh my god I have something I have to tell you" A story, when someone is telling it isn't a moment for us to be impressive, it's a moment for us to be impressed It's not a moment for us to be significant, it's a moment for us to make them feel significant

That's why they're telling the story in the first place So when someone is telling a story allow them to finish it before you jump in Number Three Don't just ask questions; share information I recently did a TV show where I gave women advice on how to go and have a great date, and then I got to watch these dates filmed So I literally was able to see these dates play out minute by minute

There was something that happened in three out of four of these dates that was really unexpected for me These women did not have a problem asking questions of the guys The got very curious about the guys, but they weren't sharing information about themselves They weren't actually getting vulnerable They weren't connecting, because they weren't sharing

What's interesting is that these women thought they were having a good conversation with the guy They were like, "Matt, I'm doing everything right" "I keep asking questions" "I'm showing I'm interested," "but by the end of the date, I just didn't feel like there was a connection" And I thought, yeah, you didn't feel like there was a connection, because you didn't actually tell him anything

All you did was sound like a journalist who was interviewing him, but you didn't share things from your life, from your experiences, and that's what would have made him feel like he actually knew you by the end of the date Remember, curiosity about somebody else can be very flattering, but it will never create a deep connection until you're prepared to get vulnerable about yourself too Number Four Be present Now it is no secret that today we are addicted to our devices, we are addicted to distraction *Incoming Text Message Ping* Give me one second Where were we? Oh yeah

It's nice when someone's just with us When we're on a date, let's get into the habit of just putting the phone in our pocket Of resisting the urge to be tempted by novelty and distraction, because in these times there is nothing more sexy than actual focus and attention Number Five Stop trying to look perfect all the time Remember that scene from Bridesmaids, the movie? Where she's in bed with the guy, and then while he's asleep she rushes to the bathroom to put on her make-up, and get dolled up to then get back in bed, and pretend that she woke up looking like that

Now the problem is in real life, instead of showing someone that we just look hot all the time, what it really does is show how insecure we are Remember, the you that goes out on date night, and puts a ton of effort into getting ready Yeah, she's gorgeous, she's beautiful, she's sexy, and it can be fun, right? It can be fun to take a little too long getting ready

There's a theater to that To showing up Looking amazing All of that It's cool

But also understand that there are moments where the opposite is just as fun Where waking up in the morning, and embracing the way you are in the morning without having to rush to hide yourself, or put on make-up That's a really sexy quality

That actually a lot of guys I would wager the majority of guys love that moment where he's like, <i>"Do you wanna go get coffee?"</i> "Do you wanna walk and go get coffee?" And she's like, "Alright, screw it Let me just shove on this hoodie

Let's go" That moment of care-free, low-maintenance, having fun, being in the moment spirit is actually a very attractive, and sexy quality It shows that you're confident, and it shows you don't need to be perfect in order to feel great about yourself That you can feel just as good in the moments where you're not trying Now I love this video, because it's focused on the practical, and whenever we talk about practical things people can do in dating, instead of generic theories, people respond because it gives them something they can actually do today, but one of the problems I see in people's love lives is that they're just not creating any options

They're sitting here They like these videos, but they haven't actually got anyone to go and try this stuff on So one big thing we need to be able to do is create options, and the second thing we need to do is if we have the guy in front of us that we like

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