Jul 042018

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe in #RelationshipGoals | Dating Advice | Prerna Khatri

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe in #RelationshipGoals | Dating Advice | Prerna Khatri

You know out of all the hashtag goals like career career goals, outfit goals, sunset goals pao bhaaji goals, I hate relationship goals the most or maybe I am saying that because that's what I talk about But yes, relationship goals, couple goals are irritating and here's why you shouldn't believe in them! Number One- they make you hate your single status I've been single for almost five years now and trust me, it's the last thing that makes me sad In fact, after a certain age relatives are enough to make you feel bad about your single status! I am very modern and open minded, so don't say Namastey My daughter tells me about her boyfriend and you can too! You don't have a boyfriend? But you are twenty-three years old

Who will you marry when you turn twenty-five? You're putting this pressure on your parents as well? First they had the pressure of educating you and now they are under pressure becasue of your YouTuber career! Now they will have the pressure of finding a husband for you! Honey, I am very nice and open-minded But you turned out to be hopeless and useless! Don't listen to those people and dn't believe in those goals Relationship goals, couple goals make you feel as if life will be perfect once you find your 'bae' But nothing like that happens Believe me, all couples have their 'why the hell did I get into this relationship!' moment Life happens to everybody irrespective of the fact wether you are in a love or not in love So enjoy your single status because there will be times when you'l miss it, once you get into a relationship! Number 2- they are making you forget your standards Today when I talk to people and ask them what is that they want from their future boyfriend or girlfriend? they say weird things, 'i want someone who looks at me like Ranveer looks at Deepika So much love!' 'If she can buy me ice cream and watch Netflix with me all day, I'll marry her!' Despite having goals like these people have the nerve to say, 'that why'good guys don't approach them?' or 'why is their girlfriend so irritating? get your standards in place

Look for someone who is trustworthy, ispiring, respectful hardworking and believes in monogamy I am sure these are some of the reasons why Deepika and Ranveer or Deepveer as people like to call them are together and not because she liked the way he looked at her! Number 3- relationship goals are causing anxiety and making you feel bad about your relationship I've seen pictures of I've seen pictures of travel bloggers, influceners, looking superb on their vacations but its their job Social media is their portfolio They have to look a certain way and tell me one thing Do you put up pictures that look bad? No, nobody puts pictures that do not look good enough for social media We don't put up pictures in which our lipstick is slightly smudged

we don't upload it because social media is about putting your best and putting your perfect moments and it's the job of influencers so they will upload it even if you dont! So please don't believe in those pictures because it's a moment created for their social media just a moment captured from their life nobody's relationship revolves around sunsets, gorgeosu dresses and champagne so by believing in them and thinking that your relationship is not good enough, you are putting pressure on your relationship and feeling unsatisfied about it and when you put pressure on your relationship you make your partner feel as if hwat you two have is not enough but trust me, as long as you both are in love, Goa will also feel like Hawai and if you're not, Goa will feel like hell or any other place in this world Number 4- relationship goals are defining love and putting a face to it I know Beyonce is the queenbeebut no, even her relatinship does not define love in fact, nobody's relationship defines love and neither is your favourite celebrity or influencer the brand ambassdor of love because love is not a product love is an expierence It was, is and will always be different for everybody and the only thing you should do is enjoy the experience with your partner concentrate on yoru relationship and if you cant concentrate then try some Yoga there are many exercises that help increase concentration anyway, lastly I would just like to say that like their pictures, be happy for them but don't believe in that pictire because you don't what goes behind the scenes! I am Prerna Khatri and I will see you guys next Monday!

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